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Kristin Addis is the founder of Having solo traveled the world for ten years prior to becoming a mom, she knew that she wanted to keep traveling after starting a family. By the time her son Felix turns two, he will already have visited 15 countries and taken hundreds of flights, the longest of which was 24 hours of back to back flying!

Kristin has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Nerdwallet, Inc., The Washington Post, UK Evening Standard, Travel Weekly, and Self, to name a few.

Her passion is to help families stay adventurous after parenthood, because there’s no reason to stop having fun just because you start a family.

Posts By Kristin

  • How to Fly with Milk for Toddlers

    Early on in our feeding journey, it became clear we weren’t going to be able to go the breastfeeding route, which was disappointing since it seemed like the easiest way to fly with a baby or toddler. So for those who give their toddlers milk not from the breast, whether it’s breast milk from a…

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  • Is the Guava Lotus Travel Bassinet and Crib Worth It? (Not Sponsored Review!)

    Editor's Rating: 5 When I was building out my baby registry I came across all kinds of premium products and wondered if any of them were truly worth it. Like the SNOO Smart Sleeper, Artipoppe baby carrier, anything by Nuna or UPPA Baby, Willow wearable breast pumps, and of course, the Guava Lotus Bassinet and…

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  • 15 BEST Mom and Son Matching Outfits – I Tried Them All!

    My fellow boy moms, raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by how few companies out there cater to moms and sons. When I began my research into mommy and son matching outfits, I had to wade through a sea of adorable matching dresses, only to find a disappointing lack of options for sons….

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  • 15 Best Family Matching Swim – I Tried Them All!

    If you’re anything like me, you live for those sunny days spent by the water, raising your little one to be a water baby just like mama. And what better way to make a splash than with your mini-me by your side, rocking matching swimwear? That’s right, folks – it’s time to dive in (pardon…

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  • Is the Elvie Pump Worth it? My Honest Thoughts

    Is the Elvie pump worth it? I tested multiple wearable pumps and ended up exclusively pumping. These are my thoughts. Editor's Rating: 5 Breastfeeding can be a beautiful journey, but for some of us, it doesn’t quite go as planned. I always envisioned nursing my baby with ease, but after numerous struggles and about six…

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  • Flying SAS with a Baby or Toddler – Our Experience and Review

    Traveling with a toddler is considered a daunting experience for many parents, especially when it involves long flights. I’m here to tell you after over 100 flights with my 20 month old, it really doesn’t have to be. My recent journey with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) on our trip to Norway with our toddler was a…

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