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The Best Nontoxic Play Couches

A few months ago, I started to think a play couch might be a good idea. It would save our nice couch, hopefully provide hours of entertainment with endless combinations, and at the very least be extra comfy.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options. I knew I wanted something quality that wouldn’t rip right away, but more importantly, I wanted to reduce toxic exposure in our home. I also wanted something made in North America, which felt more trustworthy to me. That narrows it down quite a bit.

I spent weeks researching this post, combining our favorite couches we’ve tested ourselves and reaching out to manufacturers to find only the best nontoxic play couches, all of which are made in the USA or Canada. This is the ultimate list of the best play couches money can buy:

Barumba Play Couch

barumba play couch review

We went with the Barumba Play Couch since it’s made from 11 pieces (the most of any play couch I could find), is made in Canada from nontoxic foam, and appeared to have the most possible combinations. Above, you’ll see my son playing in the ‘chariot’ build.

Several months after getting the couch, I’m happy to report it still looks really good. I haven’t had to wash it yet even though my son regularly goes over there with sticky hands. The microsuede hides stains well, and doesn’t hold onto them either. There are no signs of wear despite the nightly abuse we put it through. This is the real deal! Read my full Barumba review here.

  • Price: $515 (get $20 off with TRAVELMUSE code!)
  • Country of Origin: Canada (covers made overseas)
  • Special Features: Variety of pieces, lined with waterproof liner, sustainability commitment.
  • Foam Details: High-density non-toxic foam, CertiPUR-US certified, low VOC emissions.
  • Base Piece Dimensions: 66″L x 33″D x 5″H

Brentwood Home Play Couch

best nontoxic play couches

Out of all the options on this list, the Brentwood Home Play Couch is the ‘greenest’ by offering a 20% ‘biofoam’ (a patented biological foam made in the USA from vegetable materials, such as corn, sunflower seeds, castor oil beans, and soybeans) couch that’s climate neutral via carbon offsets. The fabric covers are also made from recycled plastics.

The couch is made in California and is free of flame retardants, and features six pieces for ultimate building potential. The couches also come in a range of nice colors with blues and yellows or more subdued pinks and grey. Out of all of the couches on this list, this one seems to be the least toxic given the materials used.

  • Price: $349
  • Country of Origin: California, USA
  • Special Features: Made with 20% biofoam and recycled plastic polyester covers.
  • Foam Details: CertiPUR-US® certified foam.
  • Base Piece Dimensions: 66″ x 33″ x 5″

Foamnasium Blocksy + Play Couch

best nontoxic play couches

The Foamnasium couch is a premium choice for families seeking both comfort and safety in their playroom furniture. Constructed with high-density, durable polyurethane foam, this couch guarantees softness and resilience while remaining completely free of harmful chemicals. Its GREENGUARD Gold certification ensures healthier indoor air quality, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

The foam and vinyl used in the couch are CPSIA compliant, free of lead, phthalates, and other harmful substances, meeting strict flammability requirements for added safety. The Performance Faux Suede covers undergo rigorous testing, ensuring strength, ease of cleaning, flame retardancy without FR chemicals, and antimicrobial properties. With seating for six comfortably, this couch is perfect for playdates or family gatherings. Plus, its easy folding design allows for convenient storage when not in use, making it a practical choice.

  • Price: $399
  • Country of Origin: Indiana, USA
  • Special Features: The largest on this list with seating capacity for 6 kids!
  • Foam Details: Polyurethane foam, GREENGUARD Gold certified.
  • Base Piece Dimensions: 70″ L x 25″ D x 19″ H

Figgy Play Couch

nontoxic play couches

The Figgy Play Couch is a set of rectangle cushions that can be stacked like a fort, climbed on, and sat upon for a combo that’s both couch and potential space ship. While it doesn’t have the inventive shapes of some of the other options on this list, the rectangles remind me more of blocks.

The figgy comes with waterproof liners and each cushion is detached, making it easy to create more shapes and options, than some couches (like the nugget) that have connected cushions. It’s also possible to purchase two additional wedge pillows for $99 if you’d like more shapes to work with.

  • Price: $329
  • Country of Origin: Figgy foam is made in the USA and other components are made abroad.
  • Special Features: Each peace stands alone. Easily stackable.
  • Foam Details: OEKO-TEK® STANDARD 100 covers and CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam.
  • Base Piece Dimensions: 66″ x 33″ x 20″

Nugget Play Couch

Nugget Play Couch

Our writer Christy loves the Nugget for her family, stating it’s so comfy she’s taken naps on it, and it’s lasted through two toddlers!

The Nugget features two thick base pieces (no thin cushion) and two bolsters, providing a comfortable and supportive play surface. It’s suitable for a variety of activities, from building forts to lounging during movie nights. Made from durable and soft faux-suede or chenille material with backing, the Nugget is easy to clean, with machine washable covers that should be hung to dry (waterproof lining sold separately). The couch is constructed with covered zippers and a zipper garage for safety and convenience, and the covers come in SO MANY colors and patterns, including corduroy. Read our full Nugget review.

  • Price: $269
  • Country of Origin: North Carolina, USA (covers made overseas)
  • Special Features: more affordable, wide variety of patterns and colors.
  • Foam Details: open-cell polyurethane foams. CertiPUR-US certified to exceed safety standards
  • Base Piece Dimensions: 66″L x 33″D x 5.5″ H

Kozy Couch

best nontoxic play couches

If you have a smaller space to work with but still want to give your kiddo a cozy place to hang out, the Kozy Couch is about half the size of the other couches on this list, with two base pieces and one triangular top piece. You can also opt to buy two for the ‘double couch.’

Kozy couch boasts 25% more supportive foam than many other play couches out there. Perhaps this is an easy claim to make given how many couches there are on the market, but still, if you’re looking for a reading nook option or something that takes up way less space than the rest of this list, the Kozy Couch could be a great option.

  • Price: $175
  • Country of Origin: (Unclear since acquisition. Awaiting an answer!)
  • Special Features: Each peace stands alone. Easily stackable.
  • Foam Details: Made with CeriPUR-US® polyurethane foam and covered in soft, durable, machine-washable 100% polyester blend fabric with no added chemicals (flame retardant or PFA).
  • Base Piece Dimensions: 33 in x 33 in x 5 in

Stylized Nest

best nontoxic play couches

Stylized Nest’s vegan cashmere and velvet couches are certainly up there for the most luxurious on this list for parents looking for a play couch to match their classy interiors. They come in a wide range of colors, including everything from aquamarine to emerald and amethyst.

The couch comes with the base pads and two rainbow-shaped pillows, with extras with built in doors and other fun additions available for purchase.

  • Price: $680
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Special Features: Made from soft velvet, sustainable materials, wide variety of colors.
  • Foam Details: CertiPUR foam all made and cut in Canada.
  • Base Piece Dimensions: 66″ L x 33″ D x 6″ H

Jaxx Playscape

In a sea of play couches that are all solid colors, is anyone out there a lover of patterns? Me too (as evidenced by my absurd baby carrier collection). Jaxx’s Playscape couch does a good job of making patterns tasteful, by having a mix of mostly solid colors with one patterned piece that has everything from mermaids to rockets and outer space patterns. You can also purchase a castle gate!

The cushions can all be stacked to fit into a corner of the room as well, making this one of the more stash-able and packable play couches. Jaxx is a well-known furniture brand as well, making everything from bean bags to actual wooden furniture in their factory in Georgia.

  • Price: $269
  • Country of Origin: Georgia, USA
  • Special Features: Possibility of a patterned accent cushion and castle gate.
  • Foam Details: CertiPUR US-certified foam and microsuede covers
  • Base Piece Dimensions: 66” x 30” x 6”

Whether you’re seeking patterns or just want to make it as green as possible when selecting a play couch for your kid(s), like all parents, we only want the best for our kids. This list combines the best of function and style with couches that reduce harmful chemicals, PFAS, and toxic inhalants. While no couch on this list is perfect, we are partial to the Brentwood and the Barumba play couches.

*Some links in this post are affiliate links that support us at no extra cost to you when you purchase through them. We only recommend products we love and use ourselves or have thoroughly researched. Your trust always comes first!

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