10 More Affordable Artipoppe Dupes

Dear mammas (and pappas and nonbinary parents), I know you love the patterns of Artipoppe carriers or maybe you’re drawn in by the fit and the beautiful fabrics, but oh my gosh, that price tag!

With carriers that start at $370, it can be tough to make an investment that large into something that you’re only going to get a year or two of use out of.

So what’s out there that can compete? These are some of the best Artipoppe dupes:

The Best Artipoppe Dupes

There are so many carriers out there that are unique, beautiful, and cheaper than Artipoppe (though if you’re still thinking of getting one, I can send you a discount code). Here’s each one in more detail:

Stokke Limas

Although Stokke is known for being a higher end brand (you may recognize them as the maker of the premium Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair), this carrier is priced lower than an Ergobaby, and has a similar neutral design to some of Artipoppe’s carriers. If you’re looking for something a bit more subdued, this also comes in a slate and white color, or an animal print pattern.

It’s made from organic cotton and can be used in a front and back carrying position. Interestingly the waist belt can be easily removed, allowing it to be used as an onbuhimo—a traditional Japanese style for baby back carrying without a waist belt.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

If you love the leopard print Artipoppe carriers and want a quality alternative for about $170 less, the BabyBjorn Carrier One could be your perfect carrier. From the makers of one of the most adored baby bouncers out there, this carrier can be used for those 0-3 years old and up to 33 lbs.

It doesn’t have quite the weight capacity of Artipoppe (40lbs) but it has all of the same carrying positions. Their mini carrier only costs $109 and comes in even more patterns and colors, however this is meant for younger babies. Both carriers are made from cotton.

Wild Bird Comet Carrier

Wild bird has several lovely carriers, and although I initially heard of them thanks to their famous ring slings, they have a comet carrier that looks very similar to the Artipoppe Constellation, which retails for $420 while Wild Bird’s is $268.

While still pricey, this carrier is gorgeous, with golden accents and the same back crossing fit that I love about Artipoppe. They also have embroidered designs and more colorful options. It’s especially cushy, and is made from deep blue Jacquard weave with cream, grey, and light blue threads. They also have a white linen carrier with a floral and bird pattern that’s beautiful, along with some classy solids that cost $178.

Boba X Carrier

Boba has several carriers with gorgeous patterns that can rival Artipoppe, from the Cosmos, which I personally like better than the Artipoppe Constellation, as well as several floral patterns like Winter Garden and Bohemian Paradise.

It can be used in front or back carry mode and is made from Cotton. Judging from the positive reviews, it’s comfortable, stylish, and easy to adjust.

Cybex Yema Tie Spring Blossom

If you know Cybex, you’ll also know that sometimes their patterns can be a little over the top, but when I saw this carrier, I had to hold in a gasp. The floral pattern is just gorgeous, with embroidered accents and buttons.

Upon closer inspection, the flaps look a little awkward sitting over the carrier and don’t appear to provide much utility, but still, this one would turn heads, and though on the pricier side it’s still $100+ less than Artipoppe.

It can be worn in front, back or hip carry, though the max weight is 33lbs. For a totally different vibe, they also make a black/leatherette option.

Vincent and Vivi Velvet Carriers

If there ever was a dupe to trump all dupes when it comes to the Artipoppe velvet, it would have to be Vincent and Vivi. They look remarkably similar, and are only $129 as opposed to Artipoppe’s $520.

As a former owner of the Artipoppe velvet petrol (the deep blue velvet), I’ve gotta say, I LOVED that carrier and it was amazing in the winter. Since Artipoppe stopped making that color, was able to sell it when I was done for more than I paid.

Vincent and Vivi isn’t as well known of a name brand and it’s hard to find any genuine reviews of their product, however they do have a 15-day return policy.

Baby Tula Explore

The Tula Baby comes in several different patterns and solid colors. Though the patterns aren’t what I’d consider quite as classy or iconic as Artipoppe, they have a lot to offer and feature a stay cool mesh panel in the middle. It’s easy to carry baby facing outward in this carrier, and I can’t say the same for Artipoppe with its awkward forward facing insert.

The Tula Baby is made from cotton and can carry kiddos up to 45lbs.

KOKADI Carriers

KOKADI is a German brand with tons of gorgeous patterns and colors and styles of carrier. They’re mainly made of organic cotton and are handcrafted in Europe. Starting at $202, they’re more affordable than Artipoppe, though definitely less known, especially stateside.

They have a huge range of patterns and colors, from animal prints to Jacquard solid colors and patterns with birds and the tree of life. They offer band-less onbu style carriers as well. In terms of patterns and colors that can rival Artipoppe, KOKADI has a staggering range to choose from. The only thing is, I have heard very little about them, and have no idea about the quality or fit.

Lenny Lamb

Lenny Lamb is a Polish brand with a wide range of patterns and colors, as well as carrier styles that range from carrier wraps to banded carriers that look more like the Artipoppe Zeitgeist. They’re made from Jacquard cotton weave.

Although they don’t have many patterns that remind me exactly of Artipoppe, they have bold colors, classier, more subdued patterns, and their carriers have cute hoodies on them. Again, this isn’t a brand I’m super familiar with or have heard much about, but some Reddit reviewers speak highly of the brand.

Should You Get an Artipoppe Dupe?

Before rushing out to buy an Artipoppe dupe, know that there are some options that can help make it make a little more financial sense. You can always buy a secondhand Artipoppe carrier as long as you’re open to the pattern, and you can always sell it when you’re done as well. They hold a great resale value, and I’ve been able to recoup much of my investment by selling on Poshmark, Mercari, or Facebook when I’m done.

Comfort is so much more important than patterns or status as well. I’ve ended up using the Solly Baby wrap, Ergobably Omni 360 and Aerloom (read my comparison between Ergobaby and Artipoppe) and am not convinced there’s any perfect carrier out there.

Still, some of these companies make gorgeous patterns and look comfortable, too! Which is your favorite Artipoppe Dupe?

*Some links in this post are affiliate links that support us at no extra cost to you when you purchase through them. We only recommend what we truly love – Everybody wins!

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