Is the Miamily Ride Along Suitcase Worth It? My Honest Thoughts

Is the Miamily ride along suitcase worth it? Here are my honest thoughts and full review after use over many trips with our toddler.

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We’ve been on over 100 flights now with my 21 month old, and I know all too well that the struggle is real for parents juggling luggage, strollers, and the ever-unpredictable whims of their little ones.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve graduated from just wearing our baby at the airport, to a travel stroller, to him revolting against the stroller and us wondering how to save our backs and get through terminals quickly. Enter the Miamily Ride Along Suitcase, an innovation that lets your toddler ride on top of the suitcase with a sturdy seat and back support, helping to hold them in place.

Everyone from security to fellow parents has exclaimed at how great it is, and after seeing it on social media myself, I too, wondered if it was worth it. Here’s everything to know before you buy a Miamily Ride Along suitcase:

By the way, I asked the company to send a suitcase so that we could test it and review it, however I am not being paid to write this review. I also have a discount code for you! Read on:

What is Miamily?

Miamily is a Swiss brand that was created by parents with three kids. Although any suitcase could technically serve as a space for a toddler to sit, the ride-along is a hard-shell suitcase that has an additional back support flap that can be secured or deployed with ease. There’s also a lap belt you can use to clip them into place, or for kids who are a bit older and able to keep some balance, it also works well without.

This thing is sturdy. It can even accommodate an adult up to 220lbs (no more sitting on the airport floor when all the seats are full!). It’s also got a nice amount of room inside, and I’ve found it scuffs less easily than some of the other suitcase brands we’ve been using (like Away and Monos).

Who is Miamily For? Busy Toddlers and Travel-Savvy Parents

The Miamily Ride Along Suitcase is tailored for a specific demographic: busy toddlers who crave freedom but can’t quickly walk long distances, particularly in a crowded terminal. Picture a child eager to explore and unwilling to be confined to a stroller — a scenario familiar to many parents — and one we seem to find ourselves in every time we finish with TSA or are trying to board the airplane after gate checking a stroller.

I love the Miamily for situations where maneuverability and efficiency are paramount, such as de-boarding the aircraft, going down the aisle to one’s seat, waiting in line to board, getting through the terminal, and short trips from the curb to the check in counter. My son also really likes riding on it, and asks to climb aboard and be wheeled around.

You can get one for 5% off with code MMPA.

The Buzz around the Miamily Ride Along Suitcase

miamily suitcase worth it

Miamily is a social media darling, and whenever that happens, that can mean a super hit or miss product. This is why I had to test it and know if it’s wroth it. What sets this suitcase apart from its counterparts is its ingenious fusion of functionality and the chic look. In the photo above, you’ll see that the suitcase still looks great after months of use.

At least 5-10 people per trip, including security staff, have marveled at its clever design when we’ve taken it through the airport. It seems like just about everyone can see how simple, and yet how clever of an idea this is and what an obvious need it fills.

It’s also a great suitcase, with an easy-open and close clasp rather than zipper, and TSA-approved combo lock. It’s made from hard-shell polycarbonate and has an expansive interior (peep the Artipoppe carrier inside for some scale). We’ve also been able to fit it into all but the small 2-seater-per-row plane overhead bins.

It also comes in a nice range of beautiful colors, including pink, red, champagne gold, and our version of forest green (in addition to the usual blacks and greys).

Cons of the Miamily Suitcsae

miamily suitcase worth it

The price tag may seem high at first at over $300 for the carry on (get 5% off with code MMPA), but hear me out. Personally, I’ve given up buying cheap suitcases since they end up costing more in the long run needing to be replaced every other year. After using it for a while, I can vouch the Miamily is clearly a quality product, and has a 5-year warranty, which, while not a suitcase with a lifetime warranty, is still pretty good.

However, it has some limitations. The Miamily Ride Along Suitcase does not perform optimally on carpeted or uneven surfaces in my experience. The small wheels of a suitcase just aren’t going to compare to a stroller’s maneuverability or shock absorption, and it’s probably not reasonable to expect them to.

You’ll also need to slide your hand into the cutout on the seat back to pull the suitcase, with child, up onto the plane from the jet bridge, or any time there’s a gap in the flooring like when getting into or out of an elevator. I’d be extra cautious using it on an escalator as well. It’s not as easy for me to see running through an airport with a toddler on this compared to a stroller, and I’m not sure we can fully give up our stroller in favor of this suitcase just yet. I’m also not sure that the check-in size has as much utility, since the times we need the seat are in the terminal.

The Verdict: A Resounding YES From Us

Despite its drawbacks, the Miamily Ride Along Suitcase remains a beloved travel essential for us. Its sturdy construction, innovative design, and better travel experience for us both parents and our toddler has cemented its status as a must-have accessory for our trips.

As we navigate the adventures of parenthood, products like these remind us that sometimes, the simplest solutions can make the biggest difference.

*This product was provided to me for free, however we never promise positive reviews for products we don’t love. Some links in this post are affiliate links that support us at no extra cost to you when you purchase through them. We only recommend products we love and use ourselves. Your trust always comes first!

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