15 BEST Mom and Son Matching Outfits – I Tried Them All!

My fellow boy moms, raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by how few companies out there cater to moms and sons. When I began my research into mommy and son matching outfits, I had to wade through a sea of adorable matching dresses, only to find a disappointing lack of options for sons.

Now, I’m not against my son wearing a dress if he eventually wants to, but for now, I’m sharing outfits that are clearly meant for little boys to match with their moms.

I did a ton of research and tried all of these brands myself, and there are many I also tried that are intentionally left off this list.

These are the best mom and son matching outfit brands:

Note that there are cheap fast fashion brands on Amazon that aren’t as high end as these, however I’ve found I spend less on clothes in the long run when I buy quality and sell when we’re done, or buy secondhand. Many of these brands use organic materials and some are made in the US. It’s kinder for the planet and our sensitive skin. Also, I really did try every single one of these brands! Without further ado:

1. Little Trouble

During my search, Little Trouble caught my eye and has been one of my favorite mommy and son matching outfits. I didn’t come across all that many streetwear and casual brands, and this one is so edgy and adorable. Created by a fellow boy mom, Dinah saw the gap in the market for matching family outfits that are actually wearable.

While pressed shirts and dresses are nice, this is true everyday wear I don’t worry about my son getting dirty in. It stands the test of time, is made out of a soft and thick material, and it’s truly comfortable and became our Norway uniform. We get complimented on our style every time we wear it, too!

The signature Little Trouble fabric blend is a sustainable organic cotton and bamboo fiber, and it’s amazingly comfy.

They also make checkered vests, T-shirts, and have daddy and me matching options, too! Think California skater culture meets toddlers on the move. Size up if you like an oversized look or order your normal size for a more fitted look. (I’m 5’8 and wearing size M, Felix is not yet 2 and is wearing 3T as he’s 100th percentile for height).

Read my full Little Trouble review for more.

2. Rylee + Cru

Out of all of the mommy and me matching brands I discovered, Rylee + Cru is one I’ll become a regular of. The designs are all from earthy tones that all match each other so well. Created by a mom in California the designs often feature palm trees or simple stripes rather than loud colors.

rylee + cru

While the options might seem pricey, they do have a used section of their website with some nice deals, and it’s an opportunity for you to re-sell when you’re done, too! The clothing is naturally a bit looser, which I like. F is in their 2/3 Y and I’m in Medium. Out of all the brands, I also liked the mommy dresses best from Rylee + Cru.

(By the way, they had full gingham for his as an option, but I mixed in a green to avoid gingham overload!)

Read my full Rylee + Cru review.

3. Bums & Roses

We’ve been Bums & Roses lovers ever since my son was a baby. While there are many companies out there making bamboo clothes, it’s the unique patterns and prints of Bums & Roses that make so many people love them. Plus, mommy and me matching outfits can be surprisingly pricey, and Bums & Roses is more mid-range.

When my son was younger, I loved their bamboo rompers. Now that he’s a toddler, he can wear their matching bamboo jogger sets all the way until he’s 10 years old. For moms, they have matching sweatpants, sweatshirts, and dresses. I can vouch, bamboo is ultra soft, comfy material I’m always happy to wear. Posh Peanut is another bamboo company that also has family matching options.

4. Faherty

A friend recommended Faherty to me during my search and I’ve gotta say, these styles take me back to being on the beach in Southern California. I got two different styles to test out with my son and while I don’t feel they’re as thick as Little Trouble, I like the designs. However I’m not sure about the fit for tall folks. The sweatshirts are wide and short, but I’m tall with long arms, so they are inevitably loose and too short in the wrong places on me.

I do have a pair of Faherty linen overalls I’m in love with, though.

These are pricey new, but they do offer a second wave section of their site (I love when brands do this) where I bought both of my sweatshirts. I’m wearing size M and Felix is 3T.

If you like the more relaxed look of these, you might also like Boden’s family matching options. My sister is a big fan of this brand!

5. Adidas

Did you know those classic track suits come in little sizes, too? Matching outfits don’t only have to be frilly dresses for mom and button down shirts for boy, you can both be ultra comfortable, too.

The track suits are made of the same material as the adult versions, complete with the three stripes down the sides, and come as small as baby sizes. I love it as an airplane outfit, plus it’s sooo cute seeing him in a mini track suit! Photos above were taken in Portugal.

This is also a brand where you can grab matching shoes, too!

6. Show Me Your MuMu

Show Me Your Mumu is a Venice, California-based brand with an extensive mommy and me collection that features shirts, shorts, and swim for boys and mostly dresses and swim for moms with a few nice shirts and shorts thrown in. I love their fresh and lively patterns and all of the different styles they have for mama. While they can be on the pricey side, we got our matching set on sale (make no mistake, it was still pricey, but a lot less than it would have otherwise been!).

While I do enjoy the matching outfits we got, they’re not really your everyday sets like the previous suggestions on this list. I know some families like to match for specific occasions or spring and summer holidays, though, which I think this brand (and a few to follow on this list) is great for. Doesn’t this set just scream Amalfi coast?

7. Minnow

Minnow has adorable family matching swim options, including shorts, and rash guards for a little boys, with a lot more styles for mom. They are pricier than Caden Lane (later on this list), but they have more variety and I find the designs even more tasteful for those who prefer more solid colors or florals.

They also offer adorable sweaters and terry cloth sets for moms and sons, and all of the designs feel reminiscent of a summer on the beach in Charleston to me, which is where they’re based.

While I love the terry cloth clothing from this brand, the swim wasn’t as amazing on me as Hermoza, later on this list.

8. Hill House Home

Also a mom-founded company, Hill House Home is known for their nap dresses, which they didn’t exactly pioneer, but have made a name out of selling in a variety of styles and classic patterns. Nap dresses tend to have the same gathered top and tiered bottoms, which can make for a flattering and comfy fit for a variety of body types. Hill House mainly features ‘ditsy’ florals, gingham, and lighter, summery styles. For boys, they mainly have shorts and button down shirt sets. I like that what they offer is made from organic cotton.

I love our matching Peony set, which was perfect for a wedding! Fits true to size, and the shorts are super thick and nice with pockets.

9. Little Sleepies

These were some of the OG bamboo PJs we bought and I love two things about them – the insanely soft material, and how long they last for. My son who outgrows everything else almost immediately fits into these for way longer, thanks to the way the sleeves are designed and the stretch of the fabric.

We initially got these PJs to match for Christmas over a year ago, and Garrett and I love them so much that they’ve become our regular uniform around the house. Read my full Little Sleepies review for more.

10. Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby was one of our absolute favorites when my son was a baby. I still like their bamboo clothing, especially since it’s tagless, but they don’t have as many options for toddlers and parents beyond matching T-shirts and PJs.

I love their jogger sets, but not as much as I did when my son was wearing the zippies as a baby. Still, if you’re looking for ultra comfy T-shirts and jammies, they’ve got them in more solids and without the bright patterns of Little Sleepies (read my comparison with Kyte Baby).

11. Hermoza

If my matching family dreams could have only come true, my son and I would have the matching fruitto di limoni set from Hermoza. Sadly, they were out of his size when I discovered this brand, but I did end up buying one bathing suit, then loving it so much that I got another, this time with matching shorts for my son. Committed to making modest swimwear, Hermoza has the most mom and me matching options in their swim line, but they also make dresses in the $200+ range.

This company was founded by two moms, including the wife of former NFL quarterback Phil Rivers, and mom of 10(!), Tiffany Rivers.

12. Caden Lane

When I was researching family matching swimsuits last summer for our trip to Bali with my then one-year-old, I came across Caden Lane and wanted to give them a try. I love minty green and they had a nice range of nice patterns that weren’t too loud, but still were unique, like the waves pattern I ended up buying.

My son outgrow the bathing suit, and since we no longer match, I might not wear mine as often since, though I like the pattern, I have more flattering options. That’s the biggest downside I found to Caden Lane – not as many styles for mom, but they offer a good product at the price point.

13. Etsy

When it comes to a range of options and all kinds of prices, Etsy can be a good spot to do some recon and find handmade or personalized mommy and son clothes. It’s mainly printed T-shirts and in some cases, a retailer reselling something from Ali Express, but if you can wade through the not so great options, Etsy can be a great spot to find truly handmade and well-crafted gems.

14. Maisonette

Unlike the rest of the suggestions on this list, which are individual companies, Maisonette has a section dedicated to aggregated Mommy and me matching outfits from a bunch of brands, including Minnow, Pink Chicken, Hill House, Hermoza, and more. I wish they made it a little easier to exclude the little girl dresses, but I find it messes up the whole search box if I try to customize too much. Try not to feel the sting of jealousy for all of the truly adorable little girl matching options as you sort through to find the boys options!

15. Pink Chicken

Easily the priciest on this list, Pink Chicken — what a name — makes matching options in a wide range of styles with one thing in common – a whimsical kind of vibe. The dresses are flowy (and comfy) and fully lined, unlike the Hill House Home ones. Mine also has some pretty metallic thread accents that I like. However they have wayyy more cute options for girls than they do boys, so you have to dig to find the best mommy and son matching outfits, and most dresses start at $220.

I found mine secondhand on Poshmark, but sadly couldn’t find a matching option for my son secondhand. Still, I wanted to try out the brand so I could review it here, and I think the dresses are nice, and can vouch that they hold their value well.

This is by no means an exhastive list. Honorable mentions include Kenny flowers, another brand that offers the nap dress and button down shirt combo for mom and son, as well as options for dad to match in both clothing and swimwear, and if you like matching frilly dresses and button down shirts, Ivy City is a similar option though they have far more mother and daughter than son options.

When it comes to options for mothers and sons, I found more than I ever expected, and we’ve come to absolutely love some of these brands. I’ve placed them more or less in the order that we enjoy them, with Rylee + Cru and Little Trouble being at the top for us, and Bums & Roses our favorites for edgy patterns for him, but less so for me, since I have enough sweatpants already.

Do you know of any more brands? Please share in the comments!

*Some links in this post are affiliate links that support us at no extra cost to you when you purchase through them. We only recommend products we love and use ourselves. Your trust always comes first!

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