The 10 BEST Bamboo Toddler Clothes

When we brought my baby home from the hospital, he was wearing a bamboo onesie. Ever since, after trying the adult sized jammies myself, I’ve been obsessed with how soft they are. There’s truly nothing more comfortable except for wearing, well, nothing.

My son spent his baby year wearing bamboo clothes, but now that he’s a toddler, what are our options? Thankfully, most of our favorite brands make toddler sizes as well, and in even more styles.

These are the best brands of bamboo toddler clothes, tried and true:

Kyte Baby

If you’ve been around this blog before you’ll know we love Kyte Baby. There are many awesome brands of bamboo baby clothes out there, but this is the one I dressed my baby in the most. Now that he’s a toddler, I love some of their older-kid styles. Instead of loud patterns, they are usually more subdued solid colors with some tasteful patterns. They are also a slimmer fit.

The bamboo jersey is one of my favorites to dress him in, from the adorable overalls to the jogger sets and hooded rompers. These are a looser fit and last much longer than the slimmer fitting bamboo rompers and footies. I still love those, but I feel like he gets 3 months max in them before we have to move on. The nice thing about Kyte Baby is they have great resale value, and I re-sell mine on Poshmark all the time, and even buy secondhand on there when I find good deals.

I’m also glad to see they’ve increased the sizes for their rompers and footies that now go all the way up to 4T! Read my full Kyte Baby review here.

Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies is my favorite for sleep since their rompers fit forever. Seriously, my 100th percentile height and 80th percentile weight 15 month old JUST aged out of the 3-6 month zippies – we used them for almost a year! I can’t say that for any other baby clothes we have.

The best part about these is the fold over mitts and feet. We still like to use them over night to protect him from scratching himself, and I haven’t found other brands that have the fold overs past infant sizes.

They also make jogger sets and overalls with adorable patterns. I’m just not quite as into the colors as I am Kyte Baby, or the patterns as much as I am Bums and Roses. Read my Kyte and Little Sleepies comparison.

Bums & Roses

Many of the same patterns that are so cute on the Bums & Roses rompers, which go to 2T, are also available in joggers. I, for one, am obsessed with the skulls and roses and eye of the tiger. Sizes for joggers go all the way up to 9/10!

I love the patterns of Bums & Roses. There’s nobody else doing the same kinds of edgy patterns, and although I usually don’t like bright and loud patterns, Bums & Roses is a different story! They have lions, tigers, skulls, and even sushi prints. They’re so creative and quirky, and come in everything from short sleeved rompers to dresses and polo shirts. Read my full Bums and Roses review.

Kickee Pants

Kickee Pants are one of the OG bamboo toddler and baby clothes brands, and create some nice looking options that aren’t just focused on sleepwear.

KicKee Pants is known for its ultra-soft bamboo fabric and whimsical designs. They prioritize comfort and functionality in a diverse range of patterns and styles, including footie pajamas, onesies, dresses, and separates like leggings and tunics. Their designs often feature fun prints inspired by nature, animals, and pop culture.

Prices typically range from $20 to $50 for individual items, depending on the type of clothing and size.

Caden Lane

Caden Lane has a range of bamboo Pjs that go all the way up to 9/10 years old. They also have cute patterns like pink donuts and seasonal holiday patterns as well. I love that they have mommy and me matching options, and have previously purchased their swimwear.

While their bamboo toddler clothing styles don’t go beyond PJs, the patterns are cute, and sets cost around $36, which is in the mid-range for bamboo toddler clothes.

Kiki & Lulu

Kiki & Lulu are quite similar to Little Sleepies with the fold-over feet to create a footie from a romper. Their zipping pajamas go up to a size 2T, and they have two piece pajama pants sets as well that go up to 9/10Y. The patterns remind me a lot of Little Sleepies, with everything from seasonal patterns and prints to trains and cartoon pasta and meatballs.

If you’re not feeling inspired by the patterns you see on Little Sleepies, check out Kiki & Lulu.

Posh Peanut

Though Posh Peanut is mostly focused on pajamas, they have some adorable patterns, and many styles go all the way up to 2T or even into kids’ sizes. While these patterns don’t speak to me as much as some of the other brands on this list, they have some mommy and me matching options, and that’s always fun!

They’re also closer to the mid-range price-wise on this list, with some of the sets coming in at closer to $40 as opposed to $50+ for jogger sets from Kyte Baby and Bums and Roses.

Bellabu Bear

Bellabu Bear mostly makes bamboo PJ sets, though they also dabble in girl’s dresses. From patterns with tractors and penguins to some solid offerings, they don’t have the range of products that the others on this list offer, but they do signature panda on the footies, which is too cute.

They run a bit cheaper than some of the other options on this list as well, closer to $25 for some of their rompers up to $38 for some patterns. It’s hard to tell what the rhyme, reason, or features are that differ, but that’s Amazon shopping for you.

babee Reshinee

This is another Amazon find that looks a bit like an Alibaba express drop shipper, but they’re also one of the cheaper bamboo clothing offerings I’ve found, with prices starting at $22 for their sets.

There’s not much variance in style, but they have several cute patterns and solid colors in a range of sizes that go from 2T-3T all the way up to 8 years.

Shop babee Reshinee

Birdie Bean

When I was researching the best baby bamboo clothes, I came across Birdie Bean and had to get my hands on the short-sleeved romper with the dino hood. Irresistible, right? Now that my son is a toddler, I’ve found the 2T zippered romper still fits well.

While many bamboo clothing companies just focus on pajamas, I love that Birdie Bean also makes jogger sets, polo shirts, cute shorts, and zippies that fit toddlers. The patterns are fun, and they have some nice solids, too. Sizes go all the way up to 10Y in some of their styles.

My Personal Favorite Bamboo Toddler Clothes

The brands we keep coming back to over and over are Kyte Baby since I love the styles they offer, particularly the jogger sets in the solid colors, Bums and Roses for the amazing patterns, and Little Sleepies for the fold over mitts on their PJs and the incredibly long wear time.

These brands in particular also hold onto a nice resale value, and I’m almost always able to sell them when I’m done on Poshmark or Mercari, recouping at least half of what I spent. I often find great secondhand options on there as well rather than always buying new.

Thanks to the comfort of bamboo, we’ll keep dressing my son (and ourselves) in it for as long as we can!

*Some links in this post are affiliate links that support us at no extra cost to you when you purchase through them. We only recommend products we love and use ourselves or have thoroughly researched. Your trust always comes first!

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