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Deuter Kid Comfort Pro – Worth it? My Honest Review

Is the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro worth buying? After testing both the Deuter and the Osprey, these are my honest thoughts.

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As an avid hiker (and parent), I found myself in a dilemma when it came to choosing the perfect child carrier for our outdoor adventures.

I started off with the Osprey Poco LT, but decided to spice things up a bit and rented the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro carrier for a hiking week in Sedona. Little did I know that this temporary switch would have me enjoying the distinctive features of the Deuter Kid Comfort, leaving me contemplating a potential addition to our gear collection.

Here’s everything to know before you buy the Deuter Kid Comfort hiking backpack carrier:

Noteworthy Pros of the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

deuter kid comfort carrier review

The carrier caters to a variety of body types (as does the Osprey) and can be easily adjusted so that it fits like a backpacking backpack should. Regardless of which type you choose, it will be MUCH more comfortable than a soft carrier, which doesn’t have the metal frame and adjustability and support. We stopped using our Artipoppe for hikes after the six month mark.

Comfort for the Parent

The Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier Pro stands out for its larger size, a feature that my husband appreciated. The Varifit system allows for a personalized fit, ensuring that the weight distribution is optimal.

This feature made a significant difference during longer treks, and Garrett announced it was ‘much’ more comfortable than the Osprey Poco LT on hike number one. I had a slightly different experience when it was my turn, which I’ll discuss in the next section.

Comfort for the Child

deuter kid comfort carrier review

Another standout feature of the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier Pro was the thoughtful addition of a chin cushion for kids. This seemingly small detail made a world of difference, providing extra comfort and preventing the dreaded chin-rub or neck bob during naps. I so wish the Osprey had this, as every time my kid falls asleep in it, I’m worrying about his neck and it doesn’t look at all comfortable.

The side opening for easy access was another practical design feature that I quickly grew to appreciate. Getting my child in and out of the carrier became a breeze, especially during those moments when time and convenience are of the essence. The simplicity of the side opening added a layer of functionality that I found lacking in some other carriers, including my Osprey Poco LT.

deuter kid comfort carrier review

Great Sun Shade Coverage

The intelligently designed sunshade offers ample coverage, and seems to sit just a bit higher and offer a bit more coverage than the Osprey does. This is a huge plus. It folds up nice and small as well. It wasn’t as big of a deal for our afternoon winter walks, but in the summertime in Tahoe back home, it would be a huge help to have more coverage and a higher-sitting shade cover.

Cons of the Deuter Kid Comfort

However, the larger size did come with a drawback for me. While my husband found it comfortable, I experienced some bruising on my hips after extended use. The weight distribution, despite the adjustable features, seemed to impact me differently than it did for him.

This highlighted the importance of individual preferences and body types in choosing the right carrier. For the Deuter, it’s possible to get it in a smaller size for those with shorter torsos, and it’s adjustable. If there’s a height difference between people using the carrier, you’ll have to make adjustments on the back, which can be done by pulling up or down the velcro behind the shoulder straps. It’s easy enough, but still a bit of a pain if we’re hiking and want to switch off carrying my son.

Larger Size but Smaller Storage

The Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier Pro, while excelling in many aspects, does have its share of drawbacks. For frequent flyers, flying with the Deuter carrier poses a challenge as it cannot be folded down to fit into a suitcase. Our Osprey is just barely small enough to fit in the largest standard suitcase there is, and I mean by millimeters. This limitation means opting for gate check or hold luggage, adding an extra layer of logistics to travel plans.

While I think airlines generally wouldn’t have a problem with it, most of them don’t address whether or not carriers are allowed as gate checked luggage or in the overhead compartment on their websites, and American Airlines doesn’t even allow gate checking both a stroller and a car seat, (though most of the others, like Southwest, Delta, Alaska, and United, all allow both, and we haven’t been questioned about taking our travel stroller into the overhead bin often either).

It also has a smaller storage pocket than the Osprey, though their newest model has a detachable backpack that can be worn on the front. I can see pros and cons to this, since grabbing a snack or water for your kiddo would be much easier from a front pouch, but it seems cumbersome as well to have an additional back strapped to your front. The Osprey has quite a nice, large carrying capacity in the back of the bag, but you have to remove the backpack to reach it.

Buckling is a bit more challenging

Buckling up the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier Pro proved to be a slightly more intricate process compared to the Osprey Poco LT. While not a deal-breaker, it did take some getting used to, and the learning curve may be steeper for those accustomed to simpler buckle systems. You’ll have to buckle the 5-point harness at the belly rather than at the shoulders like on the Osprey. I find the Osprey easier in this regard.

Pricey, but…

This carrier is on the pricey side, but there are always some available on Facebook marketplace and Mercari. I buy and sell most of our baby gear on the secondhand market, which means I’ve gotten much of it essentially for free. You can use a steam cleaner to sanitize before you use. If you’d rather not get it secondhand, you can always buy new and sell it when you’re done.

Final Thoughts on the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

deuter kid comfort carrier review

Overall, the Deuter Kid Comfort does seem to take more of the comfort of the kiddo to heart with the higher back and nice front pillow. That front pillow makes such a big difference when your baby/toddler wants to take a nap, and who doesn’t welcome a little bit of a nap on a long hike? Although the Osprey is undoubtedly better for flying, which is pretty important to us as we fly with it often, it falls a bit short, literally, of the Deuter in terms of the kid’s comfort.

That said, we’re making do with our Osprey at the moment, rolling up T-shirts as a makeshift pillow since it travels so well. The question to ask yourself is whether or not you think you’re going to fly with it much. If this is mostly at home carrier, I think it’s a great choice, and would give it the edge over its competitors.

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