UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs. Nuna Mixx Next – I Tried Both Strollers So You Don’t Have To!

Back when I was weighing which premium baby brand to buy, everyone was talking about either UPPAbaby or Nuna.

Both are American brands that are on the higher end of the baby gear market. Both make a quality product and both prioritize nontoxic materials in their construction. So which brand makes the better full-sized stroller? I bought both and tested them extensively to answer that question. Here’s what to know when comparing the UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs the Nuna Mixx Next strollers:

UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna Mixx Size and Fold:

uppababy vista vs nuna mixx

The Nuna Mixx Next weighs 28.3 lbs and is 45.3″ x 32.7″ x 23.6″ unfolded and 19″ x 27.5″ x 23.6″ folded.

The UPPABaby Vista V2 weighs 27 lbs and is 36″ x 25.7″ x 39.5″ unfolded and 17.3″ x 25.7″ x 33.3″ folded.

One of the biggest differences between the between the UPPAbaby Vista V2 and the Nuna Mixx Next is the footprint. In the photo above, you’ll notice the Vista extends further out, and is slightly narrower. This is, in part, because the UPPAbaby Vista V2 can accommodate up to three children with the purchase of an additional rumble seat and kick board. While I think three would be overkill on one stroller, I could see this being great for parents of twins or multiple young kids.

That said, Nuna’s Demi stroller allows for multiple kiddos, so this isn’t reason enough for me to declare the Vista victorious…yet.

Both strollers are pretty large when they fold up, though the Nuna is smaller. However, neither are the stroller to pick if you want something that folds up small enough to fit into a small closet, the overhead bin of an airplane, or in the trunk of a small car, in which case, compare the Vista and the Minu.

UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna Mixx Maneuverability

The Nuna Mixx was the first of the two strollers that I purchased, sure that it would be our one and done stroller. Now that I own/have tested over 10 strollers, I know that almost none tick all the boxes, but the UPPABaby Vista V2 comes close with how well it maneuvers over curbs and down walkways. It barely takes the nudge of a finger to get it to glide across pavement.

The Nuna Mixx, by contrast, was a bit disappointing to me the first time we took it for a spin. It struggled with the curbs and didn’t feel like the buttery smooth ride I expected for a stroller of its price point.

The best stroller we have for curbs and uneven surfaces is undeniably our all-terrain stroller, the Guava Roam, but it’s not meant for infants and isn’t a full travel system with bassinet or car seat compatibility like the Vista and Mixx Next are, but if you’re stroller shopping for an older baby who doesn’t need the bassinet or car seat, it’s a great option.

uppababy vista vs nuna mixx

Comparing the wheels, it seems like the Mixx (right) should be a smoother ride with its wider and larger wheels and visible shocks, but I have to give the edge to the Vista on this one.

UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna Mixx Price

The other big factor is price. The Nuna Mixx Next is $800 or $1200 if purchased with the Nuna Pipa RX car seat. The only way to get the compatible bassinet is to purchase one separately, which runs $400 new. All in, the complete system would cost $1600 brand new, though there are some nice Mixx dupes out there.

Given we used the bassinet all the time when my son was an infant, including as a safe overnight sleeping space on road trips, I’d say the bassinet is essential. It’s a safer sleep environment than a car seat, which should only be used for shorter naps due to the angle of the baby’s head.

The UPPABaby Vista V2 travel system with car seat and bassinet costs $1329, or $999 without the car seat, and includes the bassinet.

On the surface, it seems like UPPAbaby is more expensive, but not when you factor in that it comes with the bassinet. It’s actually about $260-250 less than the whole Nuna Mixx system would be.

All of that said, they are both regularly available on the secondhand market, which is where I bought and eventually sold both. Rebelstork and GoodBuy Gear sometimes have open box models for a few hundred dollars off as well.

UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna Mixx Storage

uppababy vista vs nuna mixx

Until I put them next to each other, I assumed the UPPAbaby had more storage since it’s longer. However since the Mixx Next is a bit wider in the back, it seems like it’s a pretty similar volume capability albeit shaped differently.

Both strollers can easily accommodate a large diaper bag backpack, snacks, jackets, purses, and so much more than most stroller models could. After all, that’s the point of getting a full-sized stroller!

UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna Mixx Comfort

When it comes to the comfort of the baby, I have similar feelings between the Nuna Mixx and UPPAbaby Vista as I do between their car seats, the Nuna Pipa RX and the UPPAbaby Mesa (I have both of those too!) – the Nuna is cushier and overall, feels more luxurious.

I am also not a fan of the lap bar on the Vista stroller. I think it’s a little high and weird. I also feel the padding is much thicker and nicer on the Mixx Next, as well as the quality of the material on the canopy. The Nuna system all feels a bit more luxurious than the UPPAbaby does.

However — and this is kind of a BIG thing — the leg rest is much sturdier and nicer on the Vista. It’s a common complaint that it’s flimsy on the Nuna Mixx, and I’d have to agree with the other parents on this one. Though the Mixx honestly looks and feels nicer in most other aspects, it falls short on the leg rest.

UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna Mixx Canopy

uppababy vista vs nuna mixx

The canopies are similar with their coverage, though the Nuna feels a bit sturdier and I like the quilted look of it. The peek-a-boo window at the top is larger on the Vista, and although I like that the Mixx unzips to create a longer canopy, my son hates the sound of it.

UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna Mixx Recline

Both strollers are able to recline all the way, creating a nice space for an infant even if you don’t have a bassinet. Still, I much preferred using the bassinet with our Nuna when my son was an infant, and never actually even used the compatible car seat, even though seamlessly going from car to stroller is why I wanted the travel system in the first place. My son wasn’t much of a car seat sleeper as an infant, though thankfully that’s changed as a toddler.

UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna Mixx Winner

So who wins between the two? Honestly, after trying both, they are incredibly similar. Both of them are full-size strollers with great storage, big canopies, nice bassinets, and both feel like quality items.

However, the Vista maneuvers better than the Mixx, and handles curbs and sidewalk dips a bit better. I also like that it comes with a bassinet, and has the capability of being a stroller multiple kids can use at once with a rumble seat, thereby growing with one’s family.

If I were to start over knowing what I know now, I would probably get the UPPAbaby Vista stroller and the included bassinet, however I would get the adapter for it to be compatible with the Nuna Pipa RX car seat (read my full Nuna Pipa review).

Nuna makes the better car seat of the two, mostly thanks to the load leg on the base for added safety. The total purchase price would be around $1450, which is only slightly higher than the UPPAbaby travel system.

If you want everything to match and don’t want to use adapters, the Nuna Mixx Next is still a great stroller, and even folds up a bit smaller than the Vista V2 while still offering the same wonderful amenities. Plus, it feels a bit nicer overall to me, which it should, since it costs more for the whole system.

Either way, they’re both great strollers, tried and tested!

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