Is Rylee + Cru Worth It? My Honest Thoughts

Is Rylee and Cru worth the money? Here are my honest thoughts after trying both the toddler and adult clothes in several styles and fabrics.

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If you come here often you’ll know I’ve been on a mission to find the best mommy and me matching brands and that’s led me down a *serious* rabbit hole of kids clothing brands.

During my search I came across Rylee + Cru, which was different from anything else I found.

A $500 purchase later, we have tested quite a few of their clothes now, not just for my toddler, but in my size as well! Is Rylee + Cru worth buying? These are my honest thoughts:

Rylee + Cru Aesthetic

rylee + cru

When it comes to dressing my little dude, I seem to have two wildly different tastes — bold patterns or neutral, tasteful, and versatile.

Finding children’s clothing that meets these criteria can be quite a challenge, especially without falling into the trap of what some might call the “sad beige mom” syndrome.

Rylee + Cru’s collections offer a refreshing take on toddler fashion, combining neutral palettes with charming, understated patterns that stand out without being too bright or in-your-face. This is what I loved about Kyte Baby too when my little guy was an infant.

mommy and me matching swim

Rylee + Cru’s color palette is what initially drew me in. It’s a soothing mix of off-white, sage green, blush pink, and sienna brown. These tones are perfect for creating a cohesive wardrobe that’s easy to mix and match. You can see I mixed sage palms with their signature saddle stripe set and it totally works!

Whether I’m putting together an outfit for a day at the park or a family gathering, I know I can rely on these colors to harmonize beautifully. There’s a certain tranquility to these shades that I find really appealing, both for my child and for myself. The clothes exude a sense of calm and simplicity that feels just right.

What We Love about Rylee + Cru

rylee + cru

The beauty of this color palette is that it makes mixing and matching easy. Anyone with a toddler knows you rarely can get through the day with one outfit, so if I need to change a shirt or shorts/pants, the consistent hues mean I can pair any top with any bottom and they’ll look great together. I love that I can create multiple outfits from just a few key pieces, making the wardrobe not only stylish but also practical and efficient.

I also love the softness of the fabrics. We’ve been getting into terry cloth lately (after doing strictly bamboo when my son was a baby due to skin sensitivity). We really can’t have anything scratchy or uncomfortable on or he’ll be miserable, so I like that the clothes look good while feeling good.

Rylee + Cru Sizing

rylee + cru

As you get into the toddler sizes they have 2/3 year and 4/5 year sizes. My son has always been in the hundredth percentile for height so it’s really nice to have sizes that are meant to accomodate growth.

He still has a toddler body but he’s super tall and many brands are too slim fit for him or too short. So having the clothes be looser by design and style is really nice and gives us some growing room. I love the more slouchy, relaxed fit and am glad these will (hopefully) fit for longer than just a few months.

Shop boys here and girls here.

Family Matching

mommy and son matching rylee + cru

Another fantastic aspect of Rylee + Cru is their Mommy and Me matching collection. Unlike many other brands that focus primarily on matching mother-daughter outfits, Rylee + Cru offers options that work for the entire family, including mother-son matching sets. This inclusivity is something I really appreciate, as I was feeling personally victimized by the lack of options for sons! Call me nerdy but I love our matching lewks.

Their matching collection extends beyond just regular clothing; they also have a beautiful selection of swimwear. The swim collection includes dads, too, and keeps to the same style, so you can mix and match.

Rylee + Cru Quality

rylee + cru

These clothes are clearly quality garments. It’s evident from the thickness of the fabric and the softness as well. The fabrics they use are soft, durable, and gentle on sensitive skin, which is a top priority for me when choosing clothes for my son. There’s nothing worse than dealing with itchy, uncomfortable clothing, especially for a toddler who’s constantly on the move.

rylee + cru

Another aspect I appreciate about Rylee + Cru is their commitment to sustainability. In today’s fast-fashion world, it’s refreshing to find a brand that prioritizes eco-friendly practices. They use organic fabrics and sustainable manufacturing processes, which aligns with my own values and desire to make more environmentally conscious choices. Here are their clothing requirements:

  • Made of natural fibers –
  • Made with natural dyes –
  • Free of antimicrobial chemicals –
  • Free of formaldehyde –
  • Free of pesticides –
  • Free of phthalates –
  • Free of PFCs – 
  • Free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) –
  • Free of VOCs 

It’s obviously pricey (you can get $30 off here), but the thing that’s nice about buying clothing that’s well made and not just a fast fashion find off of Amazon is durability. I learned early on that buying higher end brands that people love cost me a lot less in the long run because I can sell them easily on Mercari or Poshmark when I’m done. Rylee + Cru even has a secondhand option on their website, which I love.

Secondhand Rylee + Cru

One of the features I love most about Rylee + Cru is their secondhand section on the website. This option allows parents to buy gently used versions of their beautiful clothes at a reduced price or sell items that their children have outgrown. It’s a fantastic way to extend the life of these high-quality garments, making them more accessible and affordable while promoting sustainability. I’ve found some great deals in the secondhand section, and it’s always a relief to know I can pass on our pieces when we’re done with them.

If you’re a parent looking for children’s clothing that combines a neutral palette with tasteful patterns, I highly recommend giving Rylee + Cru a try. Their collections offer something unique and special in a sea of bright, garish toddler fashion. Their stuff has taken up an increasing amount of real estate in my son’s closet, and I honestly had a hard time not buying more while writing this post!

*Some links in this post are affiliate links that support us at no extra cost to you when you purchase through them. We only recommend products we love and use ourselves. Your trust always comes first!

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