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Is the Bentley Trike Worth It? My Honest Thoughts

Is the Bentley Trike worth it? Apart from how sleek it looks, does it make sense to shell out on this particular trike, or any trike, for your kiddo?

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Is the Bentley Trike worth it? Apart from how sleek it looks, does it make sense to shell out on this particular trike, or any trike, for your kiddo?

As a parent to an outdoors-loving toddler, I’m always on the lookout for products that make life more enjoyable and convenient. One of our recent acquisitions has been the Bentley Trike, a stylish and versatile tricycle that promises to grow with your child.

I had high hopes for this trike, especially given its association with the luxurious Bentley brand. However, our experience with it has been somewhat mixed. While it has some fantastic features, there are also a few drawbacks that are worth considering. Here’s everything to know before you buy one:

Bentley Trike Features

This is not your average trike, and it shows. It looks every bit as sophisticated as you’d expect from something bearing the Bentley name. The trike comes with a canopy in several color options, a five-point harness, and a reclining seat.

The cross-stitching on the seat gives it a luxurious touch, reminiscent of actual Bentley cars. The wheels are modeled after real Bentley wheels, which adds an element of sophistication and authenticity. These details make the trike stand out.

However, we quickly realized that our child was in an awkward stage for this trike—too tall for the canopy and not quite ready to pedal independently. Still, he can reach the handlebars and thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. It’s pretty cute watching him ‘steer,’ and he picks it over the stroller every time.

Six in One Meaning and Design

This leads me to the multi-stage design, which makes it adaptable as your kiddo grows. Initially, you can use it for children as young as six months by facing them towards you, allowing for closer interaction and monitoring. As they grow older and more curious, you can turn the seat to face forward and give them access to the handlebars and pedals for them to get used to the idea of riding.

Once they are comfortable and their legs are long enough, you can remove the lap bar and use only the harness allowing them to better reach the pedals. Eventually, the trike converts into a classic tricycle without any parental controls for children around 48 months and up.

This flexibility is a significant plus, as it means the trike can be used over several years, adapting to our son’s developmental stages. We specifically try to avoid toys that will be useful for only a short time.

Our toddler loves the idea of steering the trike, even though he’s not quite able to pedal yet. The ‘steering’ feature is great for engaging him and giving him a sense of control (even though we’re fully controlling it for now). It’s a nice introduction to riding a bike, and he gets excited every time we bring it out.

Bentley Trike Cons

bentley trike review

Unfortunately, the trike can be a bit hard to steer from the parental push handle, which can make our walks less enjoyable than they could be. Navigating tight corners or uneven terrain requires more effort than I expected. We live in a hilly neighborhood, and it’s a bit of an oblique work out, which I’m not entirely against.

Another aspect I noticed is the limited storage. The trike comes with a small basket that’s handy for carrying snacks or a water bottle, but it doesn’t hold much more than that. This limitation means that the Bentley Trike can’t really replace a stroller, which typically offers ample storage space for diapers, toys, and other essentials. On longer outings, I often find myself juggling bags or having to bring our diaper bag backpack along, which I can’t attach to the weird handlebars and have to wear.

It’s also tough to fold down and fit into a sedan trunk. We recently got an SUV once we realized our trunk was too small to even take road trips with a baby (also, our car was 8 years old so it was time!), but this wouldn’t have fit in our old Mazda.

Bentley Trike Pros

bentley trike review

Despite these challenges, there are several pros to the Bentley Trike that have made it worthwhile for us. The adjustable features are a big plus. The trike can be modified to suit your child’s growth stages, from a push trike with a safety harness to a more independent tricycle. This means it’s not just a short-term investment but something that can be used over several years. The reclining seat is another great feature if you’re using this as your stroller and it’s nap time.

I also appreciate the size of the wheels. The large wheels handle curbs and rough terrain fairly well, providing a smoother ride for our son. However, the wheels are air-filled, which brings its own set of challenges. Air-filled tires can pop, which is a risk we’ve been mindful of. Many all-terrain strollers (like our beloved Guava Roam) opt for foam-filled tires to avoid this issue, and it’s something I wish Bentley had considered for their trike.

The trike also has an excellent build quality in terms of materials. The frame feels durable and sturdy, which gives me confidence that it will last through the rough and tumble of toddler use. The wheels, despite being air-filled, are well-designed for handling a variety of surfaces, from sidewalks to grassy parks.

bentley trike review

The trike’s overall look is another strong point. It’s stylish and unique, which always draws compliments and admiring glances when we’re out and about.

Price is another consideration. The Bentley Trike is on the higher end of the spectrum, typically retailing around $500-$750 for limited edition (we got an open box one on GoodBuy Gear for $300 – they gifted me the gift card to shop on their website, and I chose the trike). It sometimes goes on sale. Though it’s not an apples to apples comparison, it’s still much cheaper than a Nuna Mixx or UppaBaby Vista.

For some families, this might be a significant investment. Given its longevity and adaptability, I do think it offers good value for the money and it holds a great resale value, but it’s still a price point that requires careful consideration.

In comparison, there are a few alternatives on the market that might be worth looking into:

  1. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike: Priced around $80, this trike also has a canopy and a parent push handle, but lacks the luxury touches of the Bentley Trike with a hard plastic seat and wheels.
  2. Baby Joy 7-in-1 Trike: This trike costs about $135 and offers similar stages of use, from a stroller-like trike to a classic tricycle. It has an adjustable seat and a removable shade canopy, coming as close to a dupe as I could find, but with fewer luxury touches.
  3. Schwinn Roadster Tricycle: Priced at approximately $120, the Schwinn Roadster is more of a classic trike with a retro design. It doesn’t have the multi-stage features of the Bentley or the Radio Flyer but offers a sturdy build and smooth ride for older toddlers who are ready to pedal on their own.

Ultimately, while the Bentley Trike has been a fun addition to our outings, I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have. It’s a nice little toy that our son adores, but he would be just fine without it, too. Whereas strollers, car seats, and comfy clothes are obviously necessities.

The low canopy and difficulty in steering are significant issues, especially for toddlers who are in between developmental stages like ours. The limited storage also means it can’t fully replace our stroller for longer trips.

That said, the Bentley Trike does have its moments of brilliance. It provides a great way for our toddler to get involved in our walks, giving him something exciting to do and a sense of independence. If you’re in the market for a trike and have the budget to spare, the Bentley Trike is certainly worth considering, especially if you value style and long-term usability.

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