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Is Bums and Roses Bamboo Baby Clothing Worth it? My Thoughts After a Year

Are Bums and Roses bamboo baby and toddler clothes worth it? After testing several styles for over a year, these are my honest thoughts.

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When I was researching the best bamboo baby clothes, I came across quite a few companies and knew that in order to write the best reviews, I had to try them all myself.

This led me to Bums and Roses, which has some of the boldest, most fun patterns I’ve seen on any kids’ clothing. Couple that with the ultra soft nature of bamboo fabric, and I’ve been a lover of this company ever since.

That said, it’s not entirely perfect. Here’s everything to know before buying Bums and Roses:

Bums and Roses Offerings

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Bums and Roses is a mom-founded bamboo baby and kids wear company based in the US. Everything is made from fabrics that are majority bamboo viscose – a thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, eco friendly, and ultra stretchy fabric.

There are plenty of companies that make bamboo baby and toddler clothes, with Kyte Baby and Little Sleepies being other favorites of ours, but while most baby clothing companies would stay away from things like skulls and snakes on rompers, Bums and Roses has some of the edgiest, most colorful designs around. I particularly love the lion print, gorillionaire, and eye of the tiger.

They offer everything from newborn rompers and footies to jogger sets, dresses, tutus, and polo shirts.

Bums and Roses Fit

After ordering the irresistible lion romper to test it out, I promptly ordered three more of the short sleeved version for the summer, loving the lightness of the fabric and the slightly looser fit. In comparison to Kyte Baby, these are not quite as slim cut and will fit for longer.

After my son got a bit bigger and I started preferring separate tops and bottoms to zippered rompers (which we used exclusively while he was an infant. Zips or GTFO, am I right?), I fell in love with the joggers (made from 70% Viscose from bamboo, 25% cotton, and 5% spandex) . Though they’re on the pricier side, they are baggy and I have a feeling they’ll fit for a long time. They have summertime versions too with polo shirts and T-shirt jogger sets.

My only qualm with Bums and Roses is that most of the baby rompers don’t have fold-over mits once you’re out of the smallest sizes. The only company I know of that makes them all the way until toddler sizes is Little Sleepies, so we exclusively use them for sleep since for mamas of babies with eczema, scratching can be an issue.

Bums and Roses Patterns

Like I mentioned before, you can’t beat the quirkiness of the patterns of Bums and Roses. This isn’t the company for you if you’re into neutrals and beiges, but it IS for you if you enjoy bold designs and colors.

While I mostly opt for solid colors for my son, I throw all that out the window when I find a pattern I love on Bums and Roses.

The only downside is they’re not available for long, so if you really like something, you may find it’s not available in the size you’re hoping for. However, the prints are usually available in all of their different cuts and options, so if the romper you want is out of stock, you may be able to find it in a different style. As you can see from the two skulls outfits above, the print was so nice I bought it twice. The joggers are great for winter at home and cold airplanes and the short sleeves have been great in Bali and Thailand!

They also have plenty of pinks, flowers, and bright colors if you want something more girly. There are seasonal patterns as well that frequently go on sale after the season has passed, so if you know you love Christmas PJs, buy the next size up in January!

Bums and Roses Durability

It’s important to know that the nature of bamboo fabric is not the most durable out there.

I prioritize it due to its exceptional comfort, particularly for sensitive baby skin, but it’s common for bamboo fabric to develop some pilling after initial wear, which can affect the appearance over time.

For instance, our black joggers have begun to show whitish pilling, diminishing their original color intensity. While I still appreciate their comfort, it’s worth noting that bamboo fabric doesn’t maintain its new appearance for long, particularly if you put it in the dryer or on a toddler.

That said, I’ve found that bamboo baby and toddler clothes typically resell well on the secondhand market, which is why I prioritize quality over price when purchasing higher-end baby gear and clothing. Bamboo items in particular tend to retain their value, especially if they feature discontinued patterns. Platforms like Poshmark and Mercari offer excellent options for finding and selling secondhand items, and approximately half of Felix’s (and my) wardrobe consists of gently used clothing, all of which I eventually resell if it’s not totally trashed (again, toddler).

Overall, I love Bums and Roses for the unique patterns and I’ll keep getting them for my son as he grows. There’s nothing else out there that can tough the uniqueness of what they have.

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