15 Best Family Matching Swim – I Tried Them All!

If you’re anything like me, you live for those sunny days spent by the water, raising your little one to be a water baby just like mama.

And what better way to make a splash than with your mini-me by your side, rocking matching swimwear? That’s right, folks – it’s time to dive in (pardon the pun – couldn’t help myself) to the world of family matching swim brands!

Family Matching Quick List:

Whether it’s their clothes or their swimwear, I have personally tried all of these brands, and my research has led me to conclude that there are two kinds of family matching swim brands out there – the ones that prioritize the fit on parents ones that prioritize kids and just create a mom or dad version to match.

I prefer the ones that prioritize the fit on me since little kids look cute in everything, so this list puts those first! I also paid for all of these items myself:

1. Hermoza

Hermoza is my number one since they make super flattering suits that are truly well-made. They are also one of the most expensive options on this list (though they do offer 15% off of a first purchase), but hear me out.

They’ve really taken fit into mind for mama, with quality stitching, quality materials, and it’s the only brand I tried that made me want to immediately buy more. Though they pride themselves on modest swimwear, it accentuated all of the best parts of my postpartum body while also taking tummy control into mind, and made me feel beautiful without having to be sexy or revealing.

Their matching boy trunks are equally well made, and would last through several kiddos. The only downside is they don’t make rash guards or suits with full coverage for littles, but the next option on this list has great ones!

family matching swim

This is a mom-founded company out of California that makes their products in Colombia. They do not have infant sizes but do have toddler, and I am IN LOVE with their lemon print.

Sizing: Size up for Mama. I’m in a 10 in the green suit and 12 in the blue.

2. Minnow

I initially came across Minnow when I was researching the best mother and son matching brands and was feeling personally victimized by the lack of inclusivity for little boys. Minnow has a refreshing lineup of pastels, classic stripes, and a few tasteful patterns that made me feel like I was in Nantucket just by browsing. (Not that I’ve ever been to Nantucket, but I imagine you’d wear these there).

Founded by a mom with options for the whole family, I love that so many of the colors are similar enough that one could mix solids and patterns without being overwhelmingly matchy. Prices are on the higher end, but I’ve had luck finding secondhand new with tags options on Poshmark.

I absolutely love the options for kids, particularly their clothing. The quality is great, with all the nice details you’d want from a higher end brand, like solid stitching, pockets, drawstrings, and lining, though the swim sizing is on the small side, while the clothing fits just right.

minnow swim review

The one piece I bought for myself was not nearly as flattering as what I bought from Hermoza.

Sizing: Swim runs small.

3. Swimzip

best mommy and me matching swim - swimzip

Although I love the look of the other brands on this list, it’s the Swimzip suits we use the most with our son thanks to the full coverage. As much as I adore the look of swim trunks and bikinis, I was reinforced in our decision to keep our guy fully covered after seeing a badly sunburned baby on our recent Thailand trip.

Swimzip has the most coverage of any brand I’ve found, and since they zip, they’re easy to put on and take off of a baby or toddler. They also have shorties and rash guards and a staggering selection of family matching patterns and options with inclusive models of varying sizes.

family matching swim

This is also one of the more affordable options on this list, and they regularly come onto the secondhand market as well, which is where we bought ours. That said, they’re not as thick or high quality as the Minnow or Hermoza options, and won’t last us as long.

Sizing: They run on the larger side for kids. Our son who barely fits into the 4T of Minnow is swimming in the 2/3T Swimzips pictured above.

Shop Swimzip

4. Kenny Flowers

Kenny Flowers is a family run company that is known for vacation-wear. They have a whole line of family matching options in a range of bright and bold patterns and styles, and their swimwear line is made in Colombia. I purchased one of their one pieces and like Hermoza, noted the thickness of the fabric and the obvious attention to the fit. While not quite as flattering as Hermoza, it’s still a great suit, however even a large feels a bit short on my longer than average torso, so if you’re taller, consider getting a two piece and/or sizing up. They come out with new patterns and colors often, so the range of styles and colors can suit just about any taste. They offer more than just swim, as well, if you want to extend the matching beyond the beach.

The adults swimwear comes in a variety of styles, but the baby swimwear is limited to just shorts for the boys and button down shirts on top. For parents, it’s nice that many of the suits also show inclusive model sizing!

Sizing: Just right for mama provided you’re not extra tall. I’m in a size L above. For kids, you’ll need to size way up!

5. Caden Lane

Caden Lane was the first company I came across when researching family matching swimwear for our first tropical trip to Bali. I loved the pastels and minty greens and soft pinks of the patterns, and also love that they have plenty of options for boys and dads. They also have zippies with full arm coverage for littles, though the full leg coverage ends after the baby sizes.

While I like the suits, I wish they had a bit more variety of styles for mom. I liked the suit I bought, but it’s not as flattering as some of the other brands on this list and now that my son has outgrown his matching one, I don’t wear it much anymore. That said, they’re on the more affordable end of the spectrum.

Sizing: Pretty spot on for both mom and baby.

6. Rylee + Cru

I love the effortless Southern California style of Rylee + Cru clothing, none of which is loud or super frilly with over the top with their patterns. The style of this brand really calls to me with the earthy shades of brown and sage green and the adorable styles. I own matching sets in their clothing and love the fit, but when I saw that they had matching swim, too, I mentally noted to come back and try those out as well.

I also appreciate that this brand never leaves out the boys, with plenty of rash guards and swim trunks for the boys, too. While their pricing is in the mid-range on this list, they have a secondhand section of their site as well if you’re looking for a discounted option.

Sizing: Most Rylee + Crui sizing for toddlers has a looser fit. My son almost-two wears their 2/3Y and there’s room to grow.

7. Show Me Your Mumu

Keeping with brands that are on the higher end of the price spectrum, I do love the patterns and styles of Show Me Your Mumu, not just for clothing, but for swim as well. They also do fun collabs, like with Barbie!

While I do see long sleeved suits for mothers and daughters, I don’t see rash guards for the little guys, so I haven’t dipped into this brand for swim, but we do have a matching set of their clothing and it’s pretty adorable. I also appreciate that it’s made in the USA.

Sizing: Pretty spot on.

8. Boden

I was initially introduced to this brand through my sister who loves the comfort of the clothing and the lack of tags, which is kind of a problem with sensitive kid’s skin.

Boden has a ‘mini’ section of their site with some mommy and me matching options. Their selection of matching family swim is a bit limited, especially when they have such adorable options for kids all over their site, but what they do have is awfully cute, however lacking in infant sizes.

Sizing: Pretty spot on.

9. Amazon

If you’re looking for a huge selection at low prices, it’s hard to compete with Amazon. I tend to avoid shopping here since much of it is fast fashion that isn’t great quality (nor is it great for the environment), but I’ve been known to shop here in a pinch when I need to take advantage of the two-day shipping.

If you’re trying to get your whole family to match for under $100, this is the place to look!

Sizing: Will vary depending on who you buy from.

10. Maisonette

Maisonette is a great place to look if you want a little bit of everything, as they aggregate a bunch of the higher end baby brands all in one place, and conveniently have a mini and me matching section. You can navigate to swim only, or peruse all of their offerings. You’ll see some others on this list like Pink Chicken, Hermoza, Minnow, and more as you browse, along with some other brands not mentioned here.

My only qualm is they don’t have an easy way to only show swim in their mommy and me section, so you’ll probably have to look through the whole mommy and me section to get the full picture.

Sizing: Will vary depending on who you buy from.

11. Hanna Andersson

I initially came across Hannah Andersson while researching the best baby bamboo clothing and while they use tencel (which is also super soft) rather than bamboo, it’s their swim that’s taking center stage in this post.

While they don’t have nearly as many styles or options as some of the other brands in this post, they do have whole family matching sets that are easy to find and navigate to. They also offer options for babies all the way to toddlers. The pricing is also pretty reasonable, especially compared to many of the higher end options on this list, though the designs are not quite as aesthetic.

Sizing: Pretty spot on.

12. Rufflebutts

This brand reminds me of Caden Lane with the standard styles and price range. They offer somewhat brighter patterns and colors, along with a range of coverage options for babies, including rash guards. Their matching options extend to shoes, sunglasses, hats, and coverups as well for the little ones, also like Caden Lane.

I’m not as big of a fan of these styles and patterns as the others on this list, but that’s just personal preference!

Sizing: Pretty spot on.

Shop Rufflebutts

13. Pink Chicken

On the higher end again, Pink Chicken has matching family swim that comes in some truly gorgeous designs – think summertime oranges on a pink background for mama and daughter and green for father and son, which helps the matching be less overwhelming and cheesy, IMO.

While I don’t own their swimwear, I do own one of their dresses and the quality is definitely there. While I like their options for moms and sons, I adore their options for girls and would probably be unable to resist the dresses and ruffle suits if I had a girl!

Sizing: Pretty spot on.

14. Lily Pulitzer

Lily Pulitzer is a brand I’ve loved and worn in the past, and I didn’t even know until I started researching that they have mommy and me matching swim! If you’re not familiar, Lily Pulitzer is known for vibrant colors and bold floral patterns. Think the tropics meets a Miami beach babe.

I love that they have a variety of styles including more full coverage rash guards, however they have left the boys out of this one, and only have matching options for moms and daughters. Sigh, such is the life of a mom looking for cute options to match with her son!

Sizing: Pretty spot on.

15. Etsy

For a range of options from a bunch of sellers, head to Etsy! While I used to love Etsy for handmade items that you couldn’t find anywhere else, beware that much of what is sold on there these days are just resells from Alibaba drop shippers. You can still find some amazing handmade and USA-produced items, you just have to dig a bit to find the best ones.

Be sure to cross reference anything you find on Amazon or Ali Express to make sure you have the best pricing!

Sizing: Will vary depending on who you buy from.

*Some links in this post are affiliate links that support us at no extra cost to you when you purchase through them. We only recommend products we love and use ourselves. Your trust always comes first!

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