Is the Bugaboo Dragonfly Worth It? My Honest Review

Everything to know about the Bugaboo Dragonfly stroller from a mom who has been using it for several months with her baby.

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I couldn’t believe the overwhelming choices we had when it came the time to shop for a stroller for our baby, and it didn’t seem possible to find one that does it all.

After watching and reading countless stroller reviews, my husband and I decided that we wanted something something in the middle: sturdy yet lightweight, all-terrain yet not too bulky, one hand foldable, big storage, good looking, and one that we could use right from the newborn to toddler stage. We live in a suburb, move around mainly with a car, but love taking walks in our neighborhood parks, so a stroller that could almost do it all was the goal.

The Bugaboo Dragonfly seemed to fit the bill, and after two months of usage, here’s my honest review:

Why Invest in Bugaboo?

bugaboo dragonfly review is it worth it

Similar to higher-end stroller brands like Nuna, UPPAbaby and Cybex, Bugaboo strollers are expensive, but for good reason.

I was first made intrigued by their 4-year warranty, whereas most stroller brands offer 1-2 years. This shows the company’s confidence in their product quality, and gives us a peace of mind. The warranty alone made me favor the company over Nuna, even though I was drawn to the latter initially. My husband and I are hoping to have two children, and having a stroller that will last for a while was important. In addition, with its modular design, repair and replacement are simple, if and when needed.

While I bought my Bugaboo Dragonfly new, I noticed that Bugaboo has great resale value, so I felt that even if I decided that the stroller was no longer a good fit for us, I could most probably sell it off at a good value.

Bugaboo is also B Crop certified, which means the company “meets high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency”. All of Bugaboo strollers are made with “mass-balanced bio-based material instead of fossil-based plastics”. The company even aims to be zero CO2 emissions by 2035. As a parent, I feel great supporting a company that prioritize sustainability.

Bugaboo Dragonfly Specs

Weight17.4 – 21.8 lbs / 7.9 – 9.9 kg
Folding ease7/10. One hand fold with both forward- and rear-facing; stands when folded
Folded size14.2 x 20.5 x 35.4 inches
Expanded size42 x 20.5 x 41 inches
Storage22 lbs / 10 kg
Compatible car seat brandsNuna, Cybex, Maxi Cosi (car seat adapters sold separately)
Use rangeNewborn to approximately 4 years old
Maximum child weight50 lbs / 22 kg
Harness typeAdjustable padded 5-point harness
Adjustable handlebar39 – 41.3 inches
Accessories includedStroller, sun canopy, underseat basket with rear pocket, parasol+ attachment clip, rotating bumper bar

What I love About Bugaboo Dragonfly

A sturdy one hand fold stroller with all-terrain wheels

bugaboo dragonfly review is it worth it

I often run errands by myself and wanted a one hand fold stroller, but find that most of the one hand fold strollers on the market to be travel strollers that are on the lightweight side and with smaller wheels. While those would be so great on holidays, I prefer something in better quality. My husband is European and we’ve seen many parents struggle with their lightweight strollers on cobblestone streets in Europe. Knowing that we spend a chunk of time in Europe every year, I’d much rather have a stroller with all-terrain wheels.

The Bugaboo Dragonfly is a true one hand fold stroller, and it only took a few tries to get accustomed to it. As for the wheels, while we mainly use the stroller in the city, we’ve also put it to test on cobblestone, dirt road, and grass with absolutely no problem. My baby stays asleep in it so I’d say the suspension is great, too!

The Bugaboo Dragonfly is comparable to the Nuna Mixx Next, another premium stroller with very similar setup, but Dragonfly is lighter weight than the Nuna Mixx Next, and every little pound counts when you are out with a baby, a stroller, and a diaper bag all by yourself!


bugaboo dragonfly review is it worth it

The Bugaboo Dragonfly has a patented design that allows the stroller to fold and unfold quickly and easily, no matter which way it’s facing, even with a bassinet. This has been a huge convenience for when I am alone with the baby and need to get moving quickly. It’s also super easy to change the seat’s direction. We are still at the newborn stage so we always push the stroller with the baby facing us, and when it comes time to sit down somewhere, we could quickly change the seat so that the handle bar is not in the way. The best part? It takes literally 3 seconds. We counted.

When folded, the stroller fits in our Subaru XV’s trunk nicely. I also like that it’s self standing and can be tucked away at home. That being said, even though the stroller is marked as a compact stroller, I wouldn’t consider it to be a lightweight stroller. If you live in a tiny apartment or has a small car, the stroller is going to take up substantial space.


bugaboo dragonfly review is it worth it
if I hang my diaper bag on the handle bar, I get even more storage under!

The spacious storage can fit my beloved Dagne Dover diaper bag (which is almost always full – I am a paranoid first-time mom who always overpacks!), my personal handbag, a large water bottle and would still have space for more. There’s also a removable rear pocket that can be attached to the handle bar, which comes in handy when I take my baby out for a quick walk and only need a few things with me.

Sun Canopy

I love that the UPF 50+ canopy extends almost all the way and provides great coverage for when we are out in the sun, or when my baby is asleep in a bright place. The peekaboo window feature allows me to check on my baby without lifting the canopy. We have been able to dine in busy restaurants and walk through crowded streets with my baby sound asleep in it.

While the stroller comes with a canopy, I can also appreciate that breezier sun canopy is available for sale separately, which I am seriously considering given the tropical weather I live in.


The adjustable height, great suspension and sturdy steering makes driving the Bugaboo Dragonfly a great experience. As for the actual passenger, my baby seems to fall asleep in it – in fact, when she gets fussy in the evening, we sometimes put her in the stroller and drive her around the house to get her to sleep! We added a seat liner (sold separately) and it’s still very spacious for her at 2 month old.

We did not purchase the bassinet since the stroller does fully recline, and we would rather have a proper travel bassinet, like the Guava Lotus or Chicco LullaGo Nest for when we would go on family trips. But if you plan on traveling with a newborn, the bassinet would be a great add-on.


I went with a simple misty white sun canopy and black chasis, but there are 18 color combinations to choose from. I love that Bugaboo keeps stylish parents in mind.

Thanks to its modular design, you can add accessories like a wheeled board, attachable changing bag, organizer and seat liners, and make the stroller more personalized, which I feel other high-end stroller brands lack.

What I Wish Was Better

Carry Strap

The stroller’s built-in carry strap is so short, we never actually use it, and we are not tall at all. The few times I tried to carry the stroller using the carry strap, it was very uncomfortable and I wish a better material was used for it.


I like that it lies flat, which allows us to start using the stroller right from the newborn stage. However, it only comes with 3-position reclines. For my 2 month old baby who is on the smaller side, the mid recline is still too high up for her, and I wish we were able to have it just slightly higher than a full flat.


Retailing at $899, or $1168 if you want the travel system bundle, the Bugaboo Dragonfly is one of the more expensive strollers in the market. I’ve asked many parents with both high end and budget strollers, and almost nobody regrets investing in a high-quality stroller. If you like the setup of the Bugaboo Dragonfly but have a smaller budget, I think the Chicco Bravo Travel System comes very close, at just $520 for the travel system bundle.

Final Thoughts

The Bugaboo Dragonfly does the job for us – a good quality, all-terrain, almost full size stroller that is also relatively compact and it’s our only stroller for now. We use the stroller on a daily basis for different occasions, and have yet to have a single complain. Most importantly, my baby seems to enjoy being in it

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