Is Goodbuy Gear Legit? My Firsthand Experience

Did you stumble across Goodbuy Gear whilst looking for discounted or secondhand baby items? Me too. I wondered, is it legit? Because the prices look pretty good, and they even have discounted unused items for sale from time to time, too.

I like higher end brands for my baby, but I also love a good deal. So I decided to give Goodbuy Gear a try. Here’s my firsthand experience:

Shopping and Buying on Goodbuy Gear

Goodbuy Gear, like Rebelstork, is essentially a middleman/consignment store that helps facilitate sales of baby items that are either used or ‘open box’, which I’ll discuss the meaning of in the next section.

Instead of a standard inventory, stock is ever changing and you could stumble upon some really good deals, provided that you browse often. You can also sign up to be emailed when the specific item that you want to comes back in stock.

They have the usual suspects like travel strollers (they seem to always have a bunch of Babyzen strollers), baby carriers, and diaper bags, but they also regularly have Coterie diapers and Snoo swaddles. There are so many random things, it’s worth checking to see if they have exactly what you want for cheaper. Sometimes I see up to 75% off for used items and 10-30% off open box items. I’m seeing an open box Uppababy Vista stroller right now, for example, for $845 rather than the usual $1000 price tag.

What is Open Box vs. Secondhand?

joolz aer travel stroller

Secondhand items are, of course, used before you receive them. For the planet and my wallet, I try to buy secondhand first, then re-sell on the secondhand market when I’m done. It’s how I essentially got a free SNOO rental and a Nuna stroller.

Goodbuy also lists the amount of wear/use on the item so you know what you’re getting into.

Open box is a bit different in that it’s unused, and is most likely a floor model, overstock, or is a return. These usually come from retailers who are struggling to sell these items. They’re often 15-30% off retail prices for a new item. Sounds pretty good, right? But there are some downsides.

Open box items are often slightly older models, and are usually no longer under warranty. Although unused, they sometimes are scuffed or imperfect, like a floor model would be.

Goodbuy Gear does offer their own 2-year warranty on select strollers, but it costs $39.99.

My Experience Buying on Goodbuy Gear

I bought an open box color pack from Goodbuy Gear for a Babyzen stroller frame that I purchased from Rebelstork, a competitor, as well as some Coterie diapers so that I would be able to take advantage of the $10 discount they provide to new buyers (when you spend $50+).

UPDATE: Gooduy Gear reached out to me after seeing this article and offered me a coupon to test out more of their gear. I used it to buy a Bentley Trike, which came in excellent condition. So far my experience with them has been great.

My experience buying from Rebelstork was much different, as I ordered not one but two strollers from them that arrived broken (but they did refund me, and I was able to superglue them back together – hopefully it holds!).

The idea is that companies like this provide the service not only of selling the items, but checking them for issues as well, and I have more faith in Goodbuy’s vetting processes after trying it myself.

Goobuy Gear Seller and Buyer Return Policies

traveling with a baby in bali
They have Guava Lotus cribs from time to time!

As a buyer, Goodbuy Gear has a better return policy than Rebelstork. You have 14 days to examine and find any flaws. Rebelstork only provides 24 hours.

Be sure to do this because outside of that window they will have already released the funds to the seller.

Unlike a traditional retailer, you aren’t going to have a month or longer to find any issues, and you can’t return something just because you changed your mind. It has to be a big enough issue that the item doesn’t match the description.

As a seller, Goodbuy will take photos for you and list your gear and give you 85% of the sale price. It’s a better deal than Poshmark or Mercari, and they do the heavy lifting. However, they’re only available for pick ups and drop offs in a few select US cities.

Would I Recommend Goodbuy Gear?

My experiences buying from Goodbuy Gear were positive, plus they have so many great deals, I’m definitely going to look there more often when I am looking to buy and can’t find it in my local community first, or am hoping for something open box.

There are some cons, like the lack of warranty and the short return window, but that is typical of buying items that are not brand new, and in my opinion, worth taking the discount for.

If they offered selling services in my community, I would take advantage since they would come and pick it up, take photos, and sell it for me. This makes it much easier than selling online myself.

As long as you’re cool with the parameters of being a seller, or buyer, I think it’s a great resource for parents who want to save money!

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