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Little Bloomer Play Boxes Honest Review

As a first-time parent with a full-time job, playtime with my baby is very precious to me. I make a conscious effort to select toys that are not only fun, but also support motor skills development, and encourage parents' involvement, so we can have fun together as she learns! I avoid battery-operated toys, and keep the amount of toys to a minimum to avoid waste.

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As a first-time parent with a full-time job, playtime with my baby is very precious to me. I make a conscious effort to select toys that are not only fun, but also support motor skills development, and encourage parents’ involvement, so we can have fun together as she learns! I avoid battery-operated toys, and keep the amount of toys to a minimum to avoid waste.

With all that in mind, I was very pleased to have discovered Little Bloomer Play Boxes, a subscription-based toy company founded by a fellow mother who wanted to take the guesswork out of playtime and make it a breeze for parents.

After testing out the Little Dreamer Box (newborn to three months), here’s my honest review:

*This is a sponsored review from Little Boomers, however my opinions — the good and the bad shared below — are genuine. Some links in this post are affiliate links that support us at no extra cost to you.

The Specs

  • Little Bloomer’s play boxes are designed and curated by a “play expert” with a Masters In Early Childhood Education.
  • Each box supports baby’s developmental milestones.
  • Colourful and fun design to help baby stay engaged longer (no sad beige mom here!).
  • Each stage-based box contains all the toys a baby need every 3 months.
  • Free app with tips and ideas to help parents get the most out of playtime.
  • Each box costs $120, though you can get a discount if you subscribe. If you pay for a full year subscription with all four boxes, it will cost you about $365 in total.

How does the subscription work?

Pick a play box based on your baby’s age, and you will have the option to buy a single box, subscribe and save $15 on each box, or prepay and get a full year of toys and save $25 per box. Shipping is free to US and Canada. Here’s what you will get with each box:

  • The Little Dreamer Box, newborn to three months old: 3-in-1 play mat, jiggle booties, learner links, high contrast mobile, stroller toy, peekaboo board book, soft sight mirror, contrast cards.
  • The Little Giggler Box, three to six months old: play pillow, texture book, plush-and-grip ball, lovey, rattle, teether, contrast cards.
  • The Little Grasper Box, six to nine months old: soft stacker, wooden toy car, stacking cups, puppet, flash cards, ball drop box, sensory balls.
  • The Little Mover Box, nine to twelve months old: play tunnel, plush tree toy, wooden shape sorter, soft sensory boxes, board book, wooden blocks, counting flash cards.

The toys in each box are designed with the baby’s developmental milestones in mind, and each box consists of toys that would last 3 months. At first glance, I was unsure if the toys in the box were worth $120, or if they would last 3 months before my baby got bored of them.

However, after weeks of playing with them, my baby continues to favor them over her other toys. We’ve been bringing some of the smaller items with us to restaurants and on road trips to keep her entertained. As for the price, I’d say that with the full subscription, it amounts to $365 for a full year of toys, which is worth it if you don’t plan on buying a bunch of other toys. The subsequent boxes after the first come with several much bigger toys, and seem more open-ended as well.

What I love about Little Bloomer Play Boxes

Unboxing the Little Dreamer Box was a lot of fun. Each toy is wrapped and sealed in a paper bag, and the box came with a tote bag that can be used to store and keep the toys away when not in use. I like that the toys are vibrant and colorful, unlike a lot of beige options out there that focus more on aesthetic than what babies need. All of the smaller toys come with a ring that can be hooked onto a stroller or car seat to keep babies entertained on the go.

My baby tolerates tummy time generally, but with the 3-in-1 play mat, she stays engaged with her little head lifted high up for over 10 minutes at a time. She loves looking at herself in the mirror, the clouds dangling from top, and is honestly obsessed with the little flower on the side. As for the rainbow crinkle, it was my first time seeing her reaching out attempting to grab something during tummy time. I also like how modular this play mat is. It can be easily dismantled, and is the only toy I shove in my diaper bag and bring along with us when we visit her grandparents on the weekend.

It’s a bit too small to be used as an actual play mat, but it’s my baby’s favorite tummy time toy, and I think she will continue to enjoy it when she will be able to sit.

I also love the jiggle booties that encourage playful learning. My baby would lift her feet to stare at the black and white patterns, and would even support her legs with her hands when she has them on, so she can play with the booties longer. They also look so adorable on her, it’ll be sad when she outgrows them.

We have been having so much fun playing with the toys together. While it’s possible for her to self-entertain with these toys, I love lying down next to her, holding up the soft sight mirror as we look into ourselves together, or singing and playing with the jiggle booties with her, which earns me a few big smiles.

Overall, what I feel was the most worth it was that my baby seems to enjoy every item for their intended purposes. The colorful designs also grab her attention faster than other toys we have at home. Even though the Dreamer Box is designed for newborn to 3 months old, my baby, who is now 3.5 months old, continues to enjoy them. Looking at the next box, the Little Giggler Box, I can see us combining the toys and enjoying them altogether.

The Little Bloomer App

The Play Boxes come with access to Little Bloomer’s free app, which I thought was super cool! The app explains how each toy works, and provides playtime ideas and other parenting resources which come in handy. You can also record your baby’s physical, communication, cognitive, social and emotional milestones on the app. I don’t see this with other toy companies, and can definitely appreciate having clear guidance.

What I think could be better

The play boxes are on the pricier side, since you are not only paying for the toys, but also the research and and thought that went into developing them. I recommend adding them to your registry list as they make awesome baby shower gift. It’s also cheaper than Lovevery if you make the full year subscription.

Speaking of which, how does Little Bloomer compare to Lovevery, a well established company that has the exact same subscription based model? Lovevery has been around for a much longer time, and offers play kits from the newborn stage all the way up to four years old. I have the Lovevery play gym and honestly love it. However, I noticed that the vibrant and colorful design of Little Bloomer’s toys keep my baby interested longer, and they allow more involvement from the parents, which we prefer.


Little Bloomer is a new and small company, and I am very happy to support a fellow mom’s business. The toys truly make playtime with my baby even more fun, and I am excited to try out the next boxes with her.

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